4 Must-Read Digital Marketing Stats for B2B Organizations

4 Must-Read Digital Marketing Stats for B2B Organizations

With a new year and new marketing challenges just around the corner, it’s time to take stock of the state of digital marketing. Here we’ll look specifically at what these stats mean for email marketing.

What successes has it offered in 2017, and what challenges will B2B marketers face when using it in 2018?

This handy infographic from Bubblegum Search outlines 2017’s most vital B2B digital marketing stats and offers essential facts and valuable insights that could help influence your 2018 email strategies.

You can find the infographic below. Here’s a roundup of some of its most important findings.

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Email marketing is just as important as content marketing for lead generation

Although content marketing has grown in popularity and effectiveness in recent years, email remains a vital tool for lead generation. Social media marketing and SEO are becoming increasingly important for lead generation too, but that doesn’t mean you can ease off on your email strategy if you’re eager for new leads in 2018.

Mobile-friendly email is vital

84% of millennial B2B buyers deem mobile essential for work, while 76% of gen X and 60% of baby boomers feel the same way. 54% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

Gone are the days of email being opened solely in the office and on a desktop; B2B decision makers are checking their inbox on the go.

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If you want your emails to be read, it’s vital that they’re mobile-friendly to account for this trend.

32% of emails are too small to read on mobile screens

While we’re on the topic of mobile-friendly email, let’s look at the problems people face when reading email on mobile screens. The biggest issue is that they’re too small to read and interact with properly.

The second is that they’re not formatted properly for mobile, which means awkward scrolling, illegible images and wonky buttons or links.

Remember that text needs to scale for smaller screens, so it can be read without zooming or horizontal scrolling, and buttons and links need to be easily tappable. The best way to do this is to use mobile-friendly email templates which can scale to different screen sizes.

93% of B2B marketers use email the most for content distribution

While LinkedIn and other social channels are becoming increasingly popular ways for B2B organisations to share their content, email still reigns as the most-used method.

What makes email so vital for content distribution is that it cuts to the chase and puts content directly in the decision maker’s inbox.

Generally speaking, B2B buyers will be consistently checking their emails, but they won’t always be hanging out on social media and, when they do, their fast-moving timelines may result in your content going unseen.

That doesn’t mean to say you should forgo every other content-distribution method, but email should remain an important part of a multi-channel strategy.

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