Wideey CPA Affiliate Network

Stop spending your advertising budget to no avail – pay for results with Wideey!

We host in addition to our other services an advertising network that guarantees efficient promotion among the keen audience. As true professionals in affiliate marketing, we help advertisers promote their offers and buy high-quality traffic that our publishers addition to our army of online marketeers that are just looking for the next product or service to promote

Worldwide coverage

We are working with partners all over the globe. Our affiliates provide a steady flow of traffic from Tier 1 countries and can easily target traffic from any region – North and South AmericaAsiaAfricaEurope.

the tools we provide to our Marketeers will allow them to build and execute the best advertising strategy for the best results

All types of traffic

Wideey affiliate network accepts all types of traffic. Among our affiliates, we have webmasters with topical media websites, arbitrage players, SEO and email distribution pros, bloggers and social media activists, trading tutors with their own channels, mobile app developers.

If you have certain traffic restrictions or, on the opposite, special requests – we will gladly cater to them.

As a CPA affiliate network, our advertisers are assured that they will only pay for conversions. We do not charge for clicks or impressions, only commissions due to sales already received through quality traffic generated by our affiliates through their own marketing campaigns targeted at our advertiser’s demographics and authorised territories.

– All registered affiliates have been fully vetted prior to network approval

– Our affiliates are fully supported and tutored in best affiliate practices

– Pay only for conversions

– No Prepayments or setup fees required for offer hosting

– Zero fraud and spam tolerance

Through our internal offer management and platform features, we are able to ensure that any advertiser specific requirements or terms and conditions are clearly stated and applied to all relevant offers.

To enquire about listing your offers in our network, please mail to with details of your company and offer for review.

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