Content Marketing

Profitable relationships through online engagement

More and more of your audiences carry out their own online research before deciding on a supplier or service provider. They inform their choice by engaging with trusted sources, often over a long period of time. Content marketing can help you become one of those sources, grabbing your audiences’ attention early in their buying process.

It’s a versatile marketing tool that can be used to achieve a variety of objectives, from awareness, SEO and engagement, to data collection, lead nurturing and demand. Creating and distributing intelligent content is all about inspiring audiences to think and behave differently. It helps generate and quantify leads and, ultimately, boosts sales and profit.

Relevant and purposeful content

Our content strategies, based on defined requirements and audience needs, save you time, resources and money. They give real purpose to your content and help paint a consistent picture of your organisation, differentiating you in terms of tone of voice, personality and values.

Content has to be relevant to specified audiences and we provide unique insight generated from their viewpoint. With that in mind, we start by discovering your audiences’ challenges or pain points. Each piece is then created with a clear idea of the reaction you want from your audience. This could be to simply like it, pass it on or comment. Maybe even to identify themselves as having a need you may be able to fulfil.

We make sure you gain measurable value and maximum usage from each piece of content – to drive visibility and engagement across multiple channels.

Welcome to our world of compelling words

Our team is comprised of many journalists and writers and is naturally inquisitive, fascinated by details and driven to discover the hidden gems in every client story. They are experts in finding angles and content that draws your audience in, from uncovering and repurposing technical stories to writing case studies and sharing expert opinions from your organisation.

We create a wide range of content formats including blogs, videos, animations, features, white papers, slide shares, articles, surveys, Q&As, infographics, predictions, templates, best practice checklists, interviews, opinion pieces and trends.