We have a team of performance professionals dedicated to understanding both your e-commerce business
and the challenges you are facing at great depths. We are very ROI focused and our aim to make you money.

We are able to provide innovative solutions and digital marketing strategies

to transform your shop at local as well as Global scale.

We love partnering with a variety of clients to help them achieve their goals and build their brand. We
understand that every business is different and no one size fits all.

We take huge pride in watching our clients
succeed recommending detailed strategies targeted to significantly increase ROI and building conversions.

We use a variety of platforms but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google SEM, and Google Shopping Ads.

Strategy development Strategy Development
Launch of campaign Launch
sales and conversion Conversion
  • reporting
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Strategy Development

First, we assess the client’s business and once all the necessary research is completed including competition

analysis we then develop a social media marketing strategy based on the business’s challenges and goals. After this, we have a proposal ready for the client’s approval.


Once the full strategy development is created, we will gather or design all content material and make the first set of ads. Once approved and active we continually keep track of all advertising data. The early stages of the new strategy is the most crucial for future growth and include a large amount of testing.


We don’t focus on vanity metrics like reach and impressions, we focus on real ROI metrics like purchases and sales. We create top level strategies and implementation plans with your business objectives and goals in mind to ensure a positive return on investment.

After the initial data collection period, we will gave access to a lot of data we can then analyze. This data will give important insights into which targeting audience has best reacted to the advertisements we have been testing.

We will then be able to optimise best performing ads and focus ads spend to these ads. This is when we can scale the ads spend to increase the return on investment.


The campaign’s full progress is explained in a monthly report with weekly check-ins.

The report details the stats that matter, in an easy-to-understand way, including Highest ROI Ads. Best performing ads within the campaign.Audience. Which audiences are reacting best to your ads. Reach. The number of people who see your ads. Engagement. The interactions with your content (likes, shares, comments, etc.) Referral Traffic. The number of people that visited your website from social media.Demographics.

A breakdown of the demographics of the followers of your accounts.

  • Detailed conversion tracking
  • Bi-weekly written updates
  • Campaign budget updates
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research/targeting
  • Negative keyword lists
  • Search term monitoring
  • Bidding optimizations
  • A/B split-testing for ads
  • Lookalike audience setup
  • Custom audience creation
  • Ad placement optimization
  • Bidding optimizations
  • Geotargeting and day-parting
  • Audience targeting updates
  • Detailed ad extensions
  • Retargeting audiences
  • Ad copy and creative tests