Who Benefits from Service

Who Benefits from our Service

  • A new Brand that is about to launch

  • a brand that has just launched.

  • a service to looks for additional exposure

  • an existing brand that needs to address a bad reputation

why would these companies benefit the most ?

his question starts with the question when a Brand should engage its online reputation management

The correct answer would be, even before you Launch the brand

One should own the narrative of its marketing and your brand name and nothing would be more important than doing this at the beginning of the launch of your brand.

The world has gone fully digital. Your brand name lives first foremost online, accessible anywhere in the world.

As a result, your brand’s online reputation is subject to what the global web community thinks about it. Reviews, social media posts, and forum comments can heavily impact your reputation either positively or negatively, and these can come from users anywhere online.

The reality of today, as a brand today, if you are not in google you do not exist.

Some would even go as far as to say that if you are not on the first 2 pages of google you do not exist, and I guess for many markets this is actually the case, if you are on page 8 then your online presence is simply nonexistent.

A new brand that is new to the google and other less relevant search engines is at that time in the unique position to engage their brand as a clean slate and drive your marketing message and narrative home through publications, reviews and other content that is directly or indirectly controlled by the brand itself.


During this period a brand is able to shape its online future and image.

What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.

David Ogilvy


Establishing, which is then followed by Protecting, a brand image is the most important thing a company needs to do.

A brand name and goodwill that is developed is earned through time and losing it might take just minutes.

In today’s reality businesses are steadily falling prey to negative scam allegations that can damage their web reputation drastically.

Slander feedback or negative remarks can topple the online reputation of your business & brand which will lead to a negative impact on your online credibility and authority and result in significant loss of sales.

Mistake Made by Most Brands!


For those new brands that think that social media marketing and online reputation establishment and management will be stage 2 of their marketing strategy find themselves playing “catch up”. The time for a new brand to establish itself positively and with proper content on the internet happens only once, and not taking full advantage of this period is a waste.

Consumers and internet users today are not smarter just have access to more information. Most brands that call their potential clients find their sales pitch take a turn for the worst if their online presence for their brand name and dedicated keywords shows negative results. From that point on the sales is an uphill battle.

So what should a new brand do?

contacting us they should be aware that they are still in control before they go fully online but this control is gone the moment they go live. !!

Like they said you have one chance to make a first impression, this is no different online,

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