Public Relations

Telling the world what’s great about you

PR is a great way to widen the awareness of what you want to be known for and build your reputation, without your audience feeling they are being sold to.

We can help you keep control so you deliver on message every time. This will make sure that the PR you carry out integrates neatly with your business strategy, reinforcing your brand personality and delivering a greater return than the sum of its parts.

Finding opportunities that make the difference

It’s not just about column inches and seeing your name in print – it’s all to do with the context it appears in and the image your company portrays.

We are proactive in uncovering PR opportunities, honing in on areas where you have something relevant to say and appropriate for the media to cover. In doing so, we firmly put across your opinion and perspective, so you engage your audience and position your organisation as a thought leader.

The best team to tell your story

Our PR people are a highly effective combination of ex-journalists and B2B professionals. They understand how to put your team at ease when they deal with the media and are experts in finding the points of interest inside your organisation, teasing out the angles for PR.

There’s an art to story telling so your audience listens, and our team create the readable copy you need as a part of memorable campaigns, produced with intelligent business acumen and impeccable technical writing skills.

They have experience in creating PR of all forms, from media relations to crisis communications, in print, broadcast and online, including social media, publicity stunts, speaker opportunities, presentations, newsletters, exhibitions, internal communications, customer open days and awards.